Chunky veg and chickpea curry

In my goal to get this curry right and have enough protein in it for my liking, I had another twist on the recipe.
I was inspired, once more by Jack Monroe; when I found a chickpea & peach curry recipe on Cooking on a Bootstrap. always my first port of call for recipie ideas.

I’m a fan of a fruit in a sauce, I prefer it with a slow cooker, normally its a stew.
However, on this occasion, it was just the chickpeas I took in.

I decided that coriander and chilli was too far out of budget. I’ve never used coriander, I think Tim Lovejoy gave it a bad rep with me.

Anyway so took the same curry, curried up a bit more and added chickpeas:

1 x tin chopped tomatoes
1 x handful frozen chopped onions
2 x tbls medium curry powder
2 x tbls garam masala
1 x butternut squash, not a very big one
1 x sweet potato
1 x tin chickpeas 200g (the little half tin size one)
(optional) 1 x tbls frozen garlic chunks / add what you want, I’d use 3-4 cloves if it were fresh.

Set oven Heat oven to 180c (fan).
While the oven is heating up, prepare the squash and sweet potato for roasting.

Peel both and chop up into fairly big sizes, bearing in mind they shrink a little in the sauce.
Get on a non-stick tray / roasting tray / oven tray with tin foil etc. spray with a little oil and put the veg chunks on it, spray with a little oil on top. Even sprinkle a little salt and pepper if you want.
Put in oven once its warm enough for about 20 mins.

During this 20 mins:
Drain and rinse the tinned chickpeas.
(optional) Get some water heating in a saucepan; eg: boil the kettle, pour water into the pan heat it till it boils;
Boil the chickpeas for 10-20 mins.
This is not vital, it simple softens them up if that the way you like it.
Your other option is to put them straight in, which is what I tend to do.

Get some heat under your main sauce pan, for your curry, spray/put in a little oil, fry onions (and garlic if included) on a medium heat, until the onions are just turning clear.
Then add the tomatoes, curry powder and garam masala, bring back to the boil and simmer.

As soon as the veg is is ready pop it straight into the sauce, feel free to rest it in between if you want though.
If you haven’t already, add in the chickpeas as soon as you are happy to, I’d say add in with the veg at the latest.

Get back to the boil and simmer for at least 15.
At that point you could serve, however I like to take it off the heat, let it calm down for a little it, like half an hour, then reheat to serve, with rice.

My wife added some peanuts to hers too


This was a better flavour than the other variations, essentially adding more curry powder, made it more curryey, who’d’a thunkit!
This was also better than the red lentils because the chickpeas for protein were just another chunk, where the red lentils changed the nature of the sauce.
I think i’ll setting with this, maybe some variation in adding some cumin or something, but as a base, sorted.
I may switch the veg about, squash is a bit pricy, and I’ve normally got a courgette & a sweet potato in the fridge for spiralizing and adding to pizzas, so I’ll probably use those more frequently.

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